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Introduction to animated website banners

Animated website banners can be any combination of moving images, photographs, illustrations, text and sound (music and voice). Animated website banners are generally used to promote your website, products and / or services on other websites through affiliate and advertising schemes. Animated website banners can also be used internally within your own website or on other related websites.

What does it involve?

The content for the banner can be supplied by you, created by me or a combination of both. You can give me a general idea of what you would like the banner to depict and I will create a draft version for you to review and comment on. You will have one set of changes inclusive within the priced quoted. Once your website banner is approved by you I can e-mail it to you or incorporate it into web pages for you or if you are using it for advertising or an affiliation scheme I can upload the files for you or send them direct to the company that you are advertising with.

Animated website banner usage

Animated advertising banners can be used as many times as you require in multiple websites or other applications but it does depend on the copyright release of any content used from third party sources such as image libraries. Please note that copyright is not included, you cannot resell or transfer usage rights to a third party. The price only includes using the banner in its complete format online. If you change your requirements during the project I will provide a quote before commencing any additional work.

Animated website banner pricing

The cost of your website advertising banner will depend on the content and complexity of design. Animated banner prices start from £50 - to get an accurate quote for your project go to the free quote form.

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