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Animated & interactive website navigation

Animated mouseover

Animated mouseovers are created to produce a reaction that includes animation when the user moves their mouse over a button. Please hover your mouse / pointer over the button below to view the effect:

Animated links

Animated links move visually and can provide a incredible range of visual effects. The sky is the limit with possibilities but it really depends on your budget as to how simple or complex you want your animation to be. Simple effects such as pulsing lights or rotating objects take less time and therefore cost less. If you are interested in more complex animations that involve a story or, for example people or animals in a flying, walking, swimming or running motion these take more time to create and therefore cost more. There are ready made animations you can purchase for less but these are usually available for other websites to purchase and use. Please click the leaf (then hover over the word links) below to see a visual example I created to show animated navigation.

Rollover links

Rollovers are created to produce a reaction in a different location on the page when the user moves their mouse overthe link / button.

Adding audio

Audio files can be set to play sounds such as music, bleeps, clicks and voiceovers when a link is clicked on or hovered over. The main cost involved is the fee for using the audio file plus the type and length of the audio file. To add the same sound click to one graphic link will cost a great deal less than adding a narration and music to animated links.

Animated & interactive navigation pricing

The cost of your animated / interactive navigation will depend on the content and complexity. Animated / interactive navigation costs vary considerably - to get an accurate quote for your project go to the free quote form.

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