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If you cannot find the information you are looking for please go to the contact form and send your request.

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Telephone support & tutoring

Support is free if your query is related to a service or product that I provide that is not functioning correctly or is my error. Support outside of this area and tutoring does incur a fee.

Please note that on some occasions I cannot advise on subjects that are outside of my control such as your internet connection or hardware. You will need to contact your internet service provider or hardware manufacturer directly. I can usually help point you in the right direction or liaise (if you require) to help solve your query (fees may apply - but I will confirm this cost and await your approval before proceeding).

Fees for support (that does not fall under my jurisdiction) or tutoring over the telephone this service is charged by the minute at my standard hourly rate of £40 during my office hours of 10am to 5pm (please see the fees section below for costs outside of these hours). Tutoring via the telephone can help you for example if you have little or no experience with the internet, e-mail and other related services.

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Submit a question

visit the contact form to if you cannot find the answer you are looking for.

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Fees, deposit, invoicing and additional work

My fees are £40 per hour (except for animation which is £60 per hour), if you require work to be completed within 48 hours or out of hours (before 10am and after 5pm weekdays, anytime Saturday or Sunday) this time will be charged at £80 per hour (except for animation will be £120 per hour). With most custom projects not bought online I require a 50% deposit upfront and full payment upfront for third party software and services. I send PDF format invoices and payment is expected within 3 working days unless otherwise agreed. If you request any additional work outside the original project briefed I will e-mail you with the additional cost and await your agreement before proceeding.

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Buying online from design-star* (PayPal or Bank Transfer)

You can pay via paypal with or without a paypal account by clicking the 'Add to Basket' button for your chosen service. You do not have to have a paypal account to pay. Using paypal is free and secure, paypal is a registered financial institute within the UK that uses encrypted secure pages for a trouble free transaction. Once you have made the payment on paypal you will be returned to this website once your payment is complete. Please get in touch via the contact form if you experience any problems i.e. closed the browser accidentally, internet connection stopped during transaction etc. I can check my paypal account and verify whether the transaction was completed correctly. As soon as your payment is made I will be in touch within 48 working hours to discuss your needs and start the design process. If the service you want to buy does not have a 'Add to Basket' button please submit your project requirements via the free quote form, once you agree the price of your project you can make a secure payment via paypal via a custom payment page.

You also have the option to set up a BACS or CHAPS transfer (see next section).

All prices include postage (if applicable).

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Other ways to pay

Apart from buying from the website and sending payments via PayPal you can pay via BACS or CHAPS bank transfer - details available upon request - please let me know at the beginning of the project.

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Submitting your website content

At the start of your project I will discuss and provide you with more detailed information on sending information to suit your requirements if you need it. You can send your text, images and files via e-mail providing the total size is below 20 megabytes per e-mail.

For files over 20 megabytes to 2 gigabytes please use WeTranser is a free cloud based service for sending files up to 2 gigabytes - you do not need to sign up to use the service.

For files over 2 gigabytes you will need to use FTP (File Transfer Protocol) - an FTP account set up will incur an additional charge if you do not already have a website with me. Or you can send via external hard drive through the post (I will return the hard drive at your cost via your chosen postal method - solely the cost to post - no extra is added).

For hard copy files (paper, card etc) you can send via post (details available upon request).


When sending your image you will need to e-mail me brief information to identify each image, for example:

image0001.jpg - picture of product FN451

At the start of your project I can discuss and provide you with more detailed information on sending information to suit your requirements.


When sending text documents you should ideally send them in a notepad file, PDF, wordpad, textpad or in the body of an e-mail.

Here are some options for submitting your existing text documents:

- Via e-mail as a attachment (maximum total size 10 megabytes)
- On disk through the post
- Hard copy for scanning through the post
- File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

You also need to identify what each file or document is for by including a list, for example:

Document name: products-cards-all.ppt
Use: This is a list of products for sale. Information for each product includes
Title / Description / Price / Postage / Colours Available / Image File

Document name: terms.txt
Use: Text for my terms and conditions of business page.

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Website not showing on search engine results?

Search engines state that they can occasionally drop your website off the search results and this might happens for a few reasons, the most popular search engine states that it is normally to do with either search engine updates or if your website has been updated recently. If your website has just been submitted to the search engines or has previously shown on the search engine results it will appear within a fortnight - this is dependant upon each search engine. Another good reason for a website dropping its search engine position is that it hasn't been updated regularly or it isn't mobile friendly. Please note I do not provide search engine support unless you have a website with me.

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Website legal Requirements

It is your responsibility to provide content or details that comply with any codes of practice, regulations, codes or acts for your website, services and products.

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Last update 1st January 2019