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A blog allows you to update and input your own categorised content online, including text and images. Depending on which blog service you opt for you can also have additional services configured such as commenting, news feeds, additional users and add-on widgets such as calendars, importing news feeds from other official websites including the latest trend, weather and news reports.

Blog options

design-star* offers a variety of blog services to cater for your requirements. I can set up a new blog for your existing website and it can run on a separate domain name, sub domain name or the same domain name as your existing website. If you have a existing blog I can integrate it to your website or import it to a new blog. With new or existing blogs I can design a template to change the look and feel to match your current business identity, website or custom web design or I can create a new design.

Blogs can be tested 'offline' initially (this means the blog will be online but not available to the public) so you have time to familiarise yourself and practice updating, editing and publishing your blog content.

Blog administration

Each blog comes with a blog administration area / control panel where you can configure items such as your blog page design, post editing, comment moderation, set up and management of user access & profiles.

Blog Account Types

Blog integration £75

Blog integration involves adding the design, styles and graphics so that your blog merges seamlessly with your current web design and website.

Starter Blog £5 per annum

The starter blog enables you to create and manage your own small blog with a basic choice of designs and features.

Plus Blog £17.50 per annum

The Plus blog enables you to create and manage a medium sized blog with extended posts and room for photo albums.

Professional Blog £36 per annum

The Professional Blog enables you to create and manage a larger sized blog with room for more extended posts and photo albums.

Additional blog bandwidth

Additional bandwidth is a one-off purchase and is only valid for the current month. Any bandwidth remaining is not carried over to next month. Your additional bandwidth will be added to your blog within 24 working hours.

1GB additional bandwidth: £1
3GB additional bandwidth: £3
5GB additional bandwidth: £5

Telephone: 01934 625569
Monday - Friday 10am - 5pm
Last update 21st April 2015