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Custom web design

A web design is the consistent graphical look that will appear on all your website pages. A custom web design by design-star* is created solely for you and includes copyright ownership, custom website navigation design (one set of graphic navigation and one set of text link navigation), custom header image including a montage or custom graphic incorporating your logo (if you don't have a logo design or want your existing one updated I also offer a logo design service), custom background image, colour scheme and layout for your website content. The benefit of a custom web design is you own the copyright to the final web design chosen by you and this allows you to display a copyright notice to state your ownership. Copyright ownership of your custom web design is permanent and allows you to use or resell without my permission. Please note that you will not own copyright to any sourced content from third parties such as stock photo libraries.

What is involved in a custom web design?

The first step of a custom web design is to define what your requirements and ideas are for the look and feel of your website. I take all of this information on board and after research I create a draft web design which you can view online. You and I then discuss the elements of the design you like and dislike. If there are no dislikes I await your e-mail of approval and send you the custom web design as a flat file (in either JPG or PNG format), if you have chosen to have the design converted to code I will proceed to that step. If there are dislikes I take into consideration your comments and re-work and provide further draft designs for you to review again. Ultimately I want you to be delighted with your unique custom web design.

How does a custom web design fit into a complete website project?

To see a overview of how the custom web design fits into the overall development of a website please visit the project overview page

Interested in a custom web design?

The first step is to get in touch with your requirements so I can provide you with a accurate quote with suggestions of what I feel would best fit your requirements for your custom web design. If I need more detailed information from you I will contact you via your chosen method. Please use the free quote form to send me your requirements for your custom web design.

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