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Web design data collection forms

Data collection forms let your website visitors submit information from your website which is then sent directly to an e-mail account (or multiple accounts). Common uses for forms include contact forms, surveys and order forms. Your forms can include text fields, submit and reset buttons, checkboxes, radio buttons (when you need the user to choose one option from a multiple choice), drop down lists, menus (multiple selection), large text fields, redirection pages ('error' and 'thanks' pages) and required information fields.

What is needed?

You simply supply the details of the information you wish to collect from your form and the e-mail address/es that you require the information to be sent to. If you have already purchased hosting I will also need some technical information from your website hosting company which is specific to your website that will enable the forms to work using server-side technology. Website forms start at £40 per annum for a basic contact form. to get an accurate cost for forms with different functionality and additional fields please use the free quote form

Data collection form example

Please see below for a example of a basic contact form:

Please see below for example of a custom contact form with custom graphics and additional fields including a drop down menu with 2 options:


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