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E-commerce solutions

I provide e-commerce solutions to suit your budget and your requirements so you can get online sooner and build your e-commerce website as your revenue grows. As part of every e-commerce project I will offer options so that the ordering and purchasing process is enjoyable and informative for your client.

E-commerce services include the set up of secure online credit or debit card payments, tutoring so you can manage your orders and payment facilities such as transferring your funds to your bank account. Even if you are only starting with a few products every e-commerce website I create can have products and pages added to in the future, so your website can expand when your revenue allows.

E-commerce security, order and payment processing

The most important aspects in all of the e-commerce websites I create is that security is never compromised. All transactions are secure and your funds can be downloaded/transferred securely to your nominated bank account when you choose. When your customer makes a purchase you will receive a notification via email so you can login to verify the payment, retrieve the customer details and process the order immediately.

E-commerce cost & timeline

Each e-commerce solution differs in cost and timeline depending on what product options you require, how many products you want to add and how you provide your information for the website. As part of your tailored solution I will provide you with options so you can make a informed decision.

E-commerce website product options

You can offer your customers options such as colour, shape, size and quantity for each product or service. Other interactive options such as 'enlarge image', 360 degree views and downloadable support documents enhance your customers experience and give them confidence in purchasing because you have provided in-depth visual and descriptive information.

E-commerce website product content

A extremely important aspect of your e-commerce website is how your products and services are described and presented. As a general rule you should have one clear photo of each product/service, a clear description of the product/service, the price and the delivery service, postage and packaging cost (if applicable). It is also important to provide delivery options and your terms and conditions. How you supply your information will affect the cost and timeline of your project. For example, if you supply all your images in paper format there will be a additional cost for the time it takes to complete the scanning and optimising so the images are ready for the website.

E-commerce website testimonial

'I would thoroughly recommend Mel at design-star*. I am delighted with my website and found Mel very professional, trustworthy and friendly. Nothing was too much trouble and she delivered everything to her timescales and often before. Mel is very approachable and her service also extends to brilliant aftercare and advice.'

Please get in touch to provide your project details and I will send you a free quote with price and functionality options for your e-commerce website.

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