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E-mail accounts

E-mail account services by design-star* include setting up an e-mail account, modifying existing e-mail accounts, troubleshooting e-mail accounts, e-mail forwarding to single or multiple e-mail accounts and e-mail auto responders.

E-mail accounts are set up on the server by me and accessed by you by logging into a browser and/or configuring your e-mail software. I provide free written instructions to guide you through configuring your e-mail software. I also offer a telephone service to help you configure your e-mail software such as Outlook Express (costing 65p per minute - average time is 10 minutes). The ability to send mail via your e-mail software will depend upon which type of e-mail account you choose and your internet service provider. You can choose your own e-mail names, for example:, etc. There are 4 options for e-mail - Microsoft Exchange E-mail, Advanced E-mail, Standard E-mail and E-mail Forwarder

E-mail Account Types

Microsoft Exchange E-mail Account £100 per annum

Features include:

Advanced E-mail Account £35 per annum

Features include:

Standard E-mail Account £20 per annum

Features include:

E-mail Forwarder £10 one off set up fee

Redirecting all mail to a different e-mail address (or multiple e-mail addresses - £5 per additional e-mail). Simply specify the new e-mail account from which to have mails sent from and the receiving e-mail account e.g: forwarded to

E-mail Account Services

E-mail Auto Responder £20

An e-mail auto responder will send a automated e-mail message response with your chosen content to anyone who sends an e-mail to that specific address. The message can include graphics and text. The most popular auto responder is often a 'Thank you - we will reply to your e-mail shortly' followed by business details and promotional news.

E-mail Troubleshooting

If you have errors or problems with your e-mail account I can troubleshoot them over the telephone - this is charged by the minute (65p) unless the error has been caused by myself in which case it will be free.

Existing e-mail account transfer £15 per account

If you have existing e-mail accounts set up on a existing domain name and you are moving your domain and hosting to design-star* I offer a service that includes setting up and test the existing e-mails up on the new hosting account so there is minimal disruption to your e-mail service.

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Last update 1st January 2019