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Introduction to website navigation

Website navigation is the key to getting people to find and see the information on your website. If your navigation is not organised or difficult to use your visitors will get the impression that you or your company are not organised and are difficult to use. You can add any of the additional navigation options to your web design / website project. Please see below for more about website navigation.

Text link website navigation

Text links

Every custom web design project website includes 1 set of text links as standard at the base of each page, if you prefer to these can appear at the top or side of the web page.

Sub section text menu links

You can also have additional sets of links (called sub section text links) where, for example, you might need your users to navigate through a set of pages for different details about a product or service.

Expanding/collapsing menu links

Text links can be coded so that when you place your mouse over them another menu of links pop out or expand to show a sub section of links.

Graphic website navigation

Every custom web design project website includes 1 set of graphic website navigation links as standard at the top of each page, if you prefer to these can appear at the base or side of the web page. Graphic navigation is created to work with your web design but also to make the navigation more noticeable and pleasing to the eye. Navigation graphics can also indicate the web page the user is currently viewing if required.

Interactive and animated navigation

Animated website navigation links move and can provide a incredible range of visual and audio effects. Cost varies and really depends on how simple or complex you want your animation to be - complex animations that involve a story or, for example, people or animals in motion take more time to create and therefore cost more. Simple effects such as pulsing lights or rotating objects take less time and therefore cost less. If you are interested in any of these interactive or animated navigation services please visit animated website navigation

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