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Website pages

A web page can be created to add a different look, functionality and layout or to compliment the rest of your site. All web pages are created with clean code and tested for coding standards, accessibility, popular browsers, and screen resolutions. Functional and interactive web pages can contain additional elements such as data collection forms and interactive animation.

Additional web pages

Additional web pages can be created and added to your existing website - existing navigation can also be updated if required. The additional page/s will be created using your custom web design. Simply decide on the name of your new page, text and images that you require. Web page content can be sourced or created for you, please see the website content section for services such as photography, image sourcing, copy writing and more. As part of the service I create your additional pages to a draft location online so you can review and comment on any changes before I put the pages live on your website.

Self update / blog integration template

A blog can be set up for you or a existing blog integrated to your website and given a consistent look that matches your current web design. Blog integration allows you to update and input your own content, including text and add images. Blog integration can be tested offline so you have time to familiarise yourself and practice updating, editing and publishing your integrated blog page.

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