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An extremely important aspect of your website is how your products and services are described and presented. As a general rule you should have clear photos, informative text for every web page on your website plus content such as your website terms and conditions and a privacy policy. If required I can organise and manage a professional photo shoot, source photographs, create additional custom graphics or provide Copy writing service. See below for more information:

Submitting your existing website content

How you supply your information may affect the cost and timeline of your project. For example, if you supply all your images in paper format their will be a additional cost for the time it takes to complete the scanning and optimising so the images are ready for the website.
more information about submitting your website content

Website content created or sourced for you...

Sourcing photographs

Most photographs needed for your website will be of you, your business and/or your products but you may also need photos that are impossible to capture due to location or atmosphere. For example, a picture of planet earth. There are 2 types of photograph fees, one usually includes a unlimited use on your website per photograph and will mean the photograph is available for others to purchase. The other type of fee is if you want exclusive rights to use the photograph, these are readily available but often involve high fees for a short set limited time of use. These are fees set by the photographic agency or photographer - I do not add anything to the fees just charge for my time spent sourcing photographs.

Sourcing audio

Audio files such as music, clicks, beeps, swooshes, birdsong, ocean waves, the list is endless. This service involves sourcing audio files and uploading them for you to review (along with their usage fees) and choose from. I will incorporate the sound into a draft version of your project so you are able to experience it as your website users would to help you decide on the best audio file. I do not add anything to the audio file fees, I just charge for my time spent sourcing the audio files.

Audio / video capture

Want to add your own voice to your website, video or your own music? There are a variety of options when capturing audio and video from DIY on your own pc to hiring a professional studio. As part of your custom web design project I can provide or manage audio and video services for your project and budget. After your audio / video files are complete you will receive a disk containing files in different formats so that you can use them on your website and also for other promotional purposes such as interactive compact disks.

Copy writing

Stuck for words? To busy to write content? Copy writing services are available in conjunction with your website. You provide a outline of the subject and what you require the text to achieve. I will create a draft version for you to review and then make any requests to amend the text. Once you have approved your text content you will receive a copy via e-mail in your chosen format - which you can also use for other purposes such as leaflets, flyers or advertisements.

Photo shoot

Get professional images of your business, products, services and your team which results in higher confidence from your website visitors. design-star* can arrange for a local professional photographer to take your photographs as required. After your photo shoot you will receive a disk containing both large (high resolution) and small (low resolution) image files that you can use on your website and also for printing and other advertisement purposes.

Additional custom graphics

For additional custom graphics visit the section on website graphics

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