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Web design / website project overview

If you decide to go ahead with a design-star* web design / website I have created a overview below as a guide to the stages involved:

Stage 1 - Initial web design

Upon receipt of your deposit and based on your requirements I will create a initial custom website design for you. This will be created as a flat image for you to review privately online and comment on your likes and dislikes. After listening to your comments on the first design I will make any changes based upon our communications. The second draft design will also be put online where you can review and discuss the design with me. When you are totally satisfied with your design I then proceed to the next stage. If you require just the web design alone then the project is complete and I will e-mail you the final flat design (or individual sliced components if you require them) upon receipt of the balancing payment for the work. If you are continuing the project and having web pages created then I proceed to stage 2.

Stage 2 - Conversion to code

Conversion of the flat image to a code is a process that involves slicing images, converting the graphical look to CSS stylesheets, converting your custom web design into code, adding navigation including sub section links (if you opted for these) and any replicated content such as copyright notices and disclaimers.

Stage 3 - Web page creation and additional website services

I will then create all the web pages (including any custom web pages) within your site, create and configure any additional services you have chosen to be integrated into your website. Additional services include items such as animation, custom graphics, extra pages, data forms, banners etc. Once all this has been created you will be able to review the draft website via a link online. You will get a chance to review and comment on the draft website. When you are satisfied with all your web pages and additional website services, I will proceed to the e-commerce stage (if you have opted for e-commerce as part of your project).

Stage 4 - E-commerce & Optimise / Checks

I set up and configure e-commerce functionality then perform code checks, search engine optimisation and validation for compatibility with main browsers. I will send you a link via e-mail so you can review the e-commerce functionality. When you are happy with the e-commrce functionality I will proceed to the final stage.

Stage 5 - Payment & Website Live

When you are satisfied with the draft website and all the additional services I will invoice you for the balance of the project, as soon as the balancing payment is received I will put your website live on the web. This means uploading your website and all related content to your hosting folder and then submitting your website to the major search engines.

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Last update 21st April 2015